Christian Vernacular Exoterically Applied
To Luciferian Esoteric Principles

Like a magnificent conch being murdered and pulled out of its miraculous shell, only to have a variety of monstrous, decrepit hermit crabs slink deep inside and take permanent residence, the ancient Christian Church was gutted of its pure and plain foundational truths and henceforth used as a pious facade — a form of ceremonial exaggeration in an effort to compensate for the void left by the departure of the Holy Spirit. This is the fruit of St. Augustine’s labor.

However, what has become even more abominable and blasphemous is the aspect of how the facade of that which is “Christian” has become malleable and applicable for every variation of doctrine imaginable, no matter which religion it is being applied to. Truly, every philosophy that man can devise has become mingled with Biblical quips, has selectively applied the words of Jesus, or has been cleverly arranged to give an appearance of genuine Christianity. Any teaching that wishes to appear more legitimate will undoubtedly attempt to use something that Jesus said to ameliorate itself.

Perhaps worst of all, most of the modern mystery schools assert that their version of esoteric pagan/Luciferian concepts are, in reality, the deeper meanings that Christ was attempting to convey to his disciples — yet they were all (even the apostles) either too dull-minded to grasp, or, after Christ’s death, they were determined to misrepresent far from what Christ intended. The most renowned of mystery school figures champion the most egregious and heretical alterations of not only Biblical statements but also historical events — and they do so with such an authoritative, convincing tone as to make the reader (who has no firm testimony and/or who is not well-versed

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