An Overview of Foundational LDS Doctrines
Regarding Mortality

Before proceeding, it is critical for the reader to be thoroughly familiar with the basic canonical and established doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as pertaining to the pre-mortal, mortal and post- mortal existences of mankind. The following represent brief summaries of key doctrinal concepts:

Before Adam and Eve Were Created

  1. God, the Father (also referred to as Heavenly Father), existed, and had existed for eons of time (i.e. eternities). He is not ethereal: He has a physical body of flesh and bones. His spirit and body are fused together in perfection, and His body is glorious, impervious to all elements, and radiates love and light of such quantity and intensity as to be virtually incomprehensible to mortals. All intelligence in the universe is naturally drawn to Him, trusts in Him, and honors Him.
  2. Each of us existed with Heavenly Father before being born on this earth. Our spirit forms were literally created by Heavenly Father. He
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