One final thing to ponder: if one had to wait tens-of-thousands of earth years to be granted another opportunity at mortal life — with the intent of choosing wisely and humbly enough to be found worthy to inherit Almighty God’s highest kingdom — how precious and critical those handful of mortal years would be, no matter what agonies one was required to suffer through! How paltry and garish would the wealth and prestige of each mortal world appear!

On the other hand, if reincarnation were true, and all life forms were relegated to a single earth — recycled over and over repeatedly, bureaucratically relegated up or down the organic life form ladder — and one’s theoretically near-unobtainable goal is to finally escape it all through melding into a state of non-existence — how hopeless and daunting mortal life would be! How appealing would suicide appear should one’s life feel unbearable! How prone the temporally-fortunate ones would be to greedily embrace worldly riches and indulge in all forms of carnality, yet make an effort to appease the “gods” a bit here and there — for they might end up destitute or misfortunate on the next roll of the incarnation dice.

Reincarnation Is Central to the Dogma
of the Mystery Schools

The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches that only through Christ’s atonement can we return to the presence of Heavenly Father and become as He is — immortal and endowed with God-like powers. Individual identity, eternal marriage and family bonds are eternally relevant and necessary. Whether born gifted or handicapped, destitute or privileged, abused or embraced, each and every person has this equal opportunity. Every single person need only experience mortality once.

In direct conflict is this: within the hidden, guarded doctrinal core of each and every mystery school, is the belief that a benevolent unseen Spiritual Hierarchy, sometimes referred to as the “Masters of the Ancient Wisdom” (i.e. Lucifer and his underlings) are guiding the entire human race to perfection — to godhood — through intellect and self-perfection, via the accumulations of as many incarnations of mortality as needed for each soul to get there. Inception into such schools theoretically puts the initiate on the fast track.

Again, I let the authorities speak for themselves. In 1939, Manly P. Hall published a book called Reincarnation: The Cycle of Necessity. The introduction of the book alone sufficiently conveys the general feelings and level of importance that all mystery schools place upon this most abominable

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