of doctrines. The following constitutes the most relevant parts of this introduction (italicized emphasis from original, other emphasis added) 9:

“The purpose of this present writing is to encourage the study of the doctrine of reincarnation as the most reasonable solution to the mystery of life. There is already considerable literature on the subject, and other books will be written in the future. But until now the circulation of these works has been limited, so that the general public is as yet uninformed on this most important of all philosophical teachings.

“To me the laws of reincarnation and karma are the only solutions to the eternal problem of human unfitness. In the words of a celebrated orientalist:

““It is only the knowledge of the constant rebirths of one and the same individuality throughout the life cycle… that can explain to us the mysterious problem of Good and Evil, and reconcile man to the terrible and apparent injustice of life. Nothing but such certainty can quiet our revolted sense of justice. For, when one unacquainted with the noble doctrine looks around him, and observes the inequalities of birth and fortune, of intellect and capacities; when one sees honor paid fools and profligates, on whom fortune has heaped her favors by mere privilege of birth, while their nearest neighbor with all his intellect and noble virtues — far more deserving in every way — perishing of want and for lack of sympathy; when one sees all this and has to turn away, helpless to relieve the undeserved suffering, one’s ears ringing and heart aching with the cries of pain around him — that blessed knowledge of Karma alone prevents him from cursing life and men, as well as their supposed creator.” — H.P. Blavatsky 10

“Reincarnation is nothing more nor less than the law of evolution applied to the unfolding consciousness of the individual. All growth and development bear witness to the improvement of the invisible divine force which is the cause of all physical growth and development. Everything in the universe is growing up through the experiences of existence. Why should man be left unaware of his participation in this eternal growth? Why should he be bound round with dogmas of fear and doubt; man- made conceits in the midst of a God-made world?

“As may have been expected of any widely diffused belief, reincarnation has been variously stated according to the spirituality and rational powers of its interpreters. It is obvious that the Eskimo concept should be less philosophical and detailed than that of a great East Indian scholar. In substance both agree, but each interprets this law according to his own world of experience.

“It is a law of the Eskimo, who lives a precarious existence that the old and the feeble must be left behind. It is customary, therefore, for one of advancing years to look about him for an appropriate family into which to be reborn. Selecting a newly married couple, he goes to them and asks if


9. Introduction from Reincarnation: The Cycle of Necessity by Manly P Hall

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“Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (August 1831 — May 1891) was a theosophist, writer and traveler… Well-known and controversial during her life, Blavatsky was influential on spiritualism and related subcultures: ‘The western esoteric tradition has no more important figure in modern times.’… In 1875 Blavatsky, together with Colonel H. S. Olcott, established the Theosophical Society… “One of the central philosophical tenets promoted by the Society was the complex doctrine of The Intelligent Evolution of All Existence… According to this view, Humanity’s evolution on Earth (and beyond) is part of the overall Cosmic evolution. It is overseen by a hidden Spiritual Hierarchy, the so-called Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, whose upper echelons consist of advanced spiritual beings. [Ed. note: i.e. Lucifer and his banished minions, desperate to deceive and defraud mankind of its divine origins and eternal destiny.]

“Blavatsky portrayed the Theosophical Society as being part of one of many attempts throughout the millennia by this hidden Hierarchy to guide humanity — in concert with the overall Intelligent Cosmic Evolutionary scheme — towards its ultimate, immutable evolutionary objective: the attainment of perfection and the conscious, willing participation in the evolutionary process. [Ed. note: i.e. implement the plan which Lucifer set forth in the pre-existence]”

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