The One Unpardonable Crime In A Mason
Is Disobedience

In 1882, a book was published by a Dr. Warren Groves, called “In The Coils; or, The Coming Conflict.” Much of the book consists of Dr. Groves’s personal recollections and letters that he has written. One specific letter that he prints within the book has a great deal of significance.

This letter is reproduced in its entirety, exactly as it reads in the original, including all emphasis, parenthesis, brackets, etc. I refrain from interjecting with comments or notes. Commentary follows.

BRANDON, May 18th, 18–.

My Dear Friend: – I have delayed a reply to your note in order that I might be able to answer both your questions fully and with some degree of certainty.

I am glad to be able to say that I am personally acquainted with your nephew, and that I highly esteem him. I have consulted several influential men in our village, and we all agree in our opinion of Bates and his prospects in this precinct. So I can answer both of your questions together and use the plural “we" and “our," instead of showing you mine opinion alone.

We believe Bates to be the best candidate in the field as yet, and it is possible that he will have our hearty support.

We are not altogether satisfied with any of our candidates; but we do not expect to find one that will suit us in every particular. We may consistently support a person and yet have some objection to him. So in regard to Bates. We have one serious objection to him, but whether that will be in


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