The Initiation of Freemasonry‘s
Highest Degree

In 1988, a man by the name of Jim Shaw published an autobiographical work called The Deadly Deception, about his life in Freemasonry 1. Mr. Shaw absolutely loved being an initiate and built a great rapport in the Masonic community. He was commended for his diligence, great attitude and unfailingly studious manner. Unlike many Masons, he regularly studied the writings of Albert Pike, Albert Mackey and Manly P. Hall for greater enlightenment. He actively sought higher degrees within the organization, and even became an initiate in other branches of Masonry, such as the Shriners.

Things began to change when he started seeing an eye doctor due to an onset of cataracts. Even on his first visit, the doctor began asking him about religion and whether or not he was saved: “Have you ever received the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and made Him the Lord of your life?” Mr. Shaw reports:

“[W]ith a religious hautiness [sic] rising up within me, I said to him, “Sir, I know more about religion than you do – as a matter of fact I know more about religion than most people will ever know!” But he was neither impressed nor taken aback by my proud declaration. Without taking his eyes from mine or changing his expression he asked me, “But what do you know about salvation?””

Mr. Shaw was offended at first. However, upon repeat visits to this doctor about his cataracts, the doctor would discuss the plan of salvation and the need for a Savior, and he would quote verses of scripture to him.


1. The deadly Deception
Co-authored by Tom McKenney and published by Huntington House, Inc. Available to read on Scribd.
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