“His speaking to me in this way no longer offended me. The verses of Scripture he quoted seemed to go way down inside of me. Some of them seemed to explode down there, stirring things I could neither describe nor understand. I decided that I would look up the verses he spoke of and read them for myself.”

As he began to read the Biblical scriptures for himself, he relates that “I noticed how simple their message was compared with the complexity of the Masonic writings.” This began a catalyst of internal conflict for him, for he began to realize that there is truly no middle ground to the teachings of Jesus and the tenets of Freemasonry that he had diligently studied and learned over the years.

One day as he was reading in John chapter 6, the Holy Ghost impressed upon him the truth of what he was reading:

“Then my eyes beheld verse 47, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me hath everlasting life.” In spite of all the verses and passages of Scripture I had already read, and for reasons probably known only to God, this verse reached down inside me and grabbed my heart. I was staggered with the simplicity of what it said and the power of what it did to me. Trumpet fanfares inside my head could not have more effectively locked my attention on that simple verse, or more clearly shown its importance to me. It was doing powerful things, both in my heart and in my understanding. “Could it really be true,” I wondered, “that it could all be so simple? Could this really be true?””

Mr. Shaw had cataract surgery done on each eye by this doctor, and both of the operations were successful. While he was recuperating after the second surgery, the doctor‘s pastor visited him and comforted him. He related that both he and the doctor prayed for his recovery, and that they commonly did so for all of the doctor‘s patients. He decided from that point that he would begin attending this pastor‘s church.

“I had never before, to my knowledge, had anyone really pray for me, never, and I choked on the significance of it… As [my wife] drove me home, I told her that although people from the doctor‘s church had visited me and had prayed for me, not one person from the Lodge had been there to see me. She told me that she had announced to the Eastern Star members that I was having the surgery. But not a one of them had come. The contrast was clear and unmistakable.”

Within a short time after recovering, Mr. Shaw‘s long-sought dream came true – he was selected as a candidate to become a 33rd Degree Freemason. All degrees up to the 32nd Degree can be obtained by anyone who is diligent and dedicated enough within Freemasonry to seek them, and financially capable enough to pay the fees required to receive each degree. The 33rd Degree, however, is an honorary degree – initiates cannot submit

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