In the cases of ancient Babylon, Sumeria and Egypt, these civilizations were dominated and ruled by families and men who had not only taken secret Luciferian oaths, but also through these oaths they obtained arcane knowledge, mathematics, science, technology and various other teachings that originated from Lucifer. Additionally, they were educated in manners and techniques in manipulating masses of people, in the human psyche, and taught how to predict and redirect the reactions and choices of the people.

As in the Greek myth of Prometheus stealing fire from Mount Olympus and giving it to (apparently unworthy) humans, Lucifer teaches and divulges divine sciences to men willing to bind themselves to him. Instead of the human race being provided these things by Almighty God in the manner and time of His choosing, Lucifer empowers these men to consider themselves superior to other humans and to set themselves up as pillars of wisdom and intellect.

Those who are initiated into these groups by blood oaths, and who obtain such secret teachings, refer to themselves as adepts, or experts. They consider themselves capable and worthy enough to be entrusted with and utilize this knowledge and power. They see themselves as highly elite beings, far beyond their lowly human peers. They refer to themselves as illuminated or illumined, the natural leaders and shepherds of the masses. (As a side note, this is a deeply esoteric word. The reader ought to realize that any usage of it in modern times is never accidental nor arbitrary. It always carries arcane significance.) They also refer to themselves as the “Guardians of the Secrets of the Ages.”

All those who were not initiates were considered lesser forms of life than they themselves, no better than beasts of burden who are easily manipulated with a bit of money, or lying, or flattery, or semblance of power

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