Teenagers in the American public school system are required to learn all about the ancient Greek gods and Greek myths. I, myself, recall being required to read books about them, write reports on them, create group projects and presentations, etc. Scores of modern movies and novels have been created based upon and influenced by them. Countless facets of Western art and culture are founded upon the characters and tales of the Greek gods and heroes. Later the Romans incorporated those same Greek gods into their own theology and worship, merely changing the names from Greek to Latin. According to academia today, there’s no clear origin of Greek mythology, and several theories have been offered. However, according to the modern Mystery Schools, there’s absolutely no confusion as to the origin: the philosophers of Greece were initiated into the Egyptian Mystery Schools and based their gods and mythology upon the gods and mythology of Egypt.

All this takes on an entirely new meaning when confronted with the fact that the priests, adepts, and initiates of these ancient religions, these ancient systems of worship (mystery schools), were acutely aware of an extremely relevant esoteric interpretation of all of these ancient stories, myths, figures, legends, and beliefs.

Quoting again from Manly P. Hall’s book Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians (emphasis added):

“We [cannot] be deceived by the obvious [nor] allow ourselves to be misdirected by the evident subterfuges [i.e. — deceptions] of these ancient [Egyptian] priests who so carefully concealed their arcana from the uninitiated world that we at this late time may even doubt its existence.

“The ignorant, even among the Egyptians, might derive their inspirations from the processionals and rituals of the state religion, but those great philosophers who came from afar were in search of the highest form of human knowledge, and could not be satisfied by such outer show. Had

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